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Pitch Overview

Recently, we presented an initial proposal to a client who is an Amazon reseller, aiming to create a comprehensive online solution for their business. Our vision was to design a cutting-edge website that serves as a one-stop destination for their customers, complemented by a dedicated Discord group for community engagement.

Web Development

Our web development team had designed a potential new home page as showcase to the client. The design is a fresher, more corporate look than the client’s current website, as it includes sections and colours which makes information for the user, easier to digest. Furthermore, we have also included clear call-to-action buttons that encourage visitors to sign up to the discord group and get started on their Amazon FBA or retail arbitrage journey.


We understand the importance of branding in the competitive world of Amazon reselling. Our branding strategy includes developing a unique brand identity for the client’s business, including a new colour palette, typography, and visual elements that resonate with their target audience. This cohesive branding will be incorporated into the website design and Discord group, creating a more professional and memorable brand image.

SEO Strategy

As part of our comprehensive solution, we proposed a results-driven SEO strategy to improve the client’s online visibility and organic search rankings. We also developed a content strategy that included creating high-quality, keyword-rich content that resonated with the target audience and attracted organic traffic. Our goal was to increase the client’s website visibility, drive targeted traffic, and improve their overall online performance.

Email Marketing

Our proposal also included a robust email marketing strategy to complement the website and Discord group. We designed and implemented targeted email campaigns that engaged customers and drove sales. Our strategy included personalised email content, enticing offers, and timely promotions to keep customers informed and engaged. With our expertise in email marketing, we aimed to help the client build a loyal customer base, increase repeat purchases, and maximise their revenue potential.

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Potential Benefits for Their Business:

Our initial proposal offered several potential benefits for their bathroom design and installation business.

Enhanced Online Presence

With the SEO strategy we had in place, we were determined to gain at least 3x the organic traffic within the first few months of going live.

Increase User Engagement

By enticing organic users to join the Discord group creates a dedicated space for their customers and fellow resellers to connect, share insights, and receive updates. This can potentially lead to increased customer engagement, loyalty, and repeat business.

Streamlined User Experience

The website design focuses on providing a seamless user experience with easy navigation, clear call-to-actions, and responsive elements. This can result in improved customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates.

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